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Group Insurance

Insurance of Persons

Over the years we have developed a process that allows us to alleviate our client’s workload, a workload made heavier by the constant changes in the group insurance industry and legislation or even by something as simple as changing group insurance carriers. Our presence provides stability and continuityfor the plan administrator as well as the employees in general.

Our advisors can help you focus on your short-term and long-term needs, and your preferences for risk and flexibility. By combining these factors with your life stage, your financial security advisor will create a financial security plan that can help you achieve your goals.

Group Insurance

Life Insurance

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Short Term Diability

Long Term Disability

Health and Travel Insurance

Drug Insurance

Vision Care

Dental Care

Employee Assistance Program

Critical Illness

Group Annuity

Insurance of Persons

Temporary Life Insurance

Permanent Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance

Disability Insurance

Critical Illness

Long Term Care



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